Six-year-old Lego fanatic commissioned by Pace to build model for Pace of Collingwood.

May 2017

Six-year-old Lego fanatic commissioned by Pace to build model for Pace of Collingwood.

Thinking outside the Lego box has earned one crafty young Melburnian their first commissioned design job — at the age of six.

Developers with an eye for fresh talent have headhunted Reid Duggan-Tierney to build a replica of their latest project after they saw a photo of one of his creations in the Herald Sun.

Pace Development Group shouted the budding young builder the tools to work his magic on a model of their Collingwood apartments.

But instead of heading for the trade centre, it was off to a local toy shop.

"He built an amazing replica of our Icon building in St Kilda with great accuracy and we were really, really impressed," said Pace sales manager Daryl Wilkinson.

"He’s got flair and attention to detail. That will take him a long way in this world."

One of Reid’s dads, Jarrad, said his son preferred to steer clear of what was on the box and make his own designs.

His early industry break came with a competition this year.

"You had to build something iconic to Melbourne," Mr Duggan-Tierney said.

"The (Icon) building popped up and I showed Reid, and Reid was like ‘yeah, I can build that’."

His latest masterpiece will be showcased in the ‘Pace of Collingwood’ display suite before being moved to the developer’s head office.

Pace hopes the next generation will be inspired to build.

Reid admitted his keen eye for detail had led to some delays in construction.

"I forgot a little part of the roof, and I had to smash it down, so I smashed it down," he said.

And as for his first pay cheque, more Lego isn’t on the agenda. Reid’s got his sights on a karaoke machine next, ahead of his birthday party.

"I think I’ve got enough. I want to be a singer or a builder," he said.

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