Top interior design trends of 2017.

April 2017

Top interior design trends of 2017.

Selecting an interior 'style' or particular look for your home can be daunting. With the spotlight on interiors in recent years, the pressure to design and decorate that perfect space is difficult to ignore. While finding that balance between trendy and timeless isn't easy, it doesn't have to be difficult either! We take a look at what's on the horizon, factor in function and capture sense of place to create timely yet ageless spaces.

Just as luxury is now about comfort, modern classic design is about being thoughtful and relevant. For 2017 and beyond, the trend to individual expression and a more relaxed approach to composition and colour continues. Nature takes on greater role, inspiring a move to earthy tones. Materials with an organic, tactile presence are favoured over high gloss surfaces. Deconstructed materials like brick and concrete take the spotlight while inside, think texture more than pattern, where pure wool fibres, soft wood grains and refined stone all come together to create a welcoming environment. In the kitchen, finer benchtops are replacing chunkier forms, free-standing cabinetry pieces are used to personalise design and unique tile formats are rising in popularity as glass splashbacks take a backseat.

At Pace of Collingwood, a highly considered design by We Are Huntly delivers a distinct sense of place and purpose with creative edge. Neutrals are a feature while Pantone's colour of the year green has been reworked into a pale eucalypt tone, used as an accent across cabinetry handles and feature bathroom joinery. Clamshell hues for select stone and joinery items reinterprets modern blush while shades of grey settle into the background. Adding a distinctly personal touch; the stand-alone kitchen island and pantry cupboard are paired with a mosaic splashback wall, extending from benchtop to ceiling, to deliver a subtle statement of individualised design.

Importantly, design is about expressing yourself, using easily refreshable soft furnishings to personalize a space and thinking carefully when it comes to selecting trendy fixtures and fittings that can be costly to replace.